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Students use a computer-controlled robot to design an automated work-cell.

The advantages and limitations of robots will be explored as students progress to design their own control programs using a robotic system simulator that can be connected to the real hardware.

Training Concepts:
  • Manual Control of a Robot
  • Flowcharts and Programs
  • Sensing, Decisions and Counting
  • Open and Closed Loop Control
  • Transportation Around the Work-cell
  • Manipulating Parts
  • Industrial Robots
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Pre-programmed Sequences
  • Problem Solving
Activities Include:
  • Manually control a robot.
  • Use a flowchart to write a computer program in BASIC.
  • Use the input from a sensor with the IF command in a BASIC program.
  • Identify the purpose of belt drives.
  • Write programs for open and closed loop control systems.
  • Identify different types of sensors used in the work-cell.
  • Identify economic and practical reasons why robots are used in industry.
  • Write a program to control a robot using inputs from a keyboard.
  • Identify how Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) can be incorporated into manufacturing systems.
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