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Alpha 1S Robot
The First Humanoid Robot Designed for Family

Alpha 1S is a household humanoid robot with a potential for development and an interactive entertainment. It's perfectly designed with high-precision servo joints and editing software for 30 visual motions, which are seamlessly controlled in one APP. Alpha 1S has a wide range of applications in different areas, such as entertainment, education, household, commerce, and media.

Created just for you
The editing software for 30 visual actions on the PC end can create and control each action of Alpha 1S and achieve a perfect display of action and sound.

Simple and easy to operate and control
With Bluetooth, it can be quickly connected to its mobile app. It is also compatible with iOS and Android.

Powerful battery life
Alpha 1S is designed to consume minimal power. Once fully charged, it can continuously move for 60 minutes.

Visual Programming at PC Terminal
It features editing software for 30 visual actions with an interface that is simple and easy to operate. This enables even non-professionals to edit in no time.

Highly precise
Alpha 1S has 16 servo joints, which can move with high precision, thus enabling it to perform various highly complex actions with ease and achieve human simulation.

Sharing the joy
The upgraded version of the app's control program features a sharing list for new actions, which can upload and download quickly. This allows you to share your joy with amateurs around the world.

Safe with strong protection
It's suitable for young amateurs and beginners for its "finger-friendly" structural design as well as eco-friendly and "shock resistant" materials.

Control Using APP Terminal
Using the APP terminal to control Alpha 1S is simple and easy. This allows you to display its advantages whenever and wherever possible.

  • Dimension (HxWxD): 398 x 196 x 113 mm
  • Weight: 1.65 kg
  • Materials: Aluminium alloy structure, ABS housing
  • Degrees of Freedom: 16 degrees of freedom
  • Speaker: 3 W Mono
  • Processor: STM32-F1 03RDT6
  • External Storage: Standard 128M, maximum support up to 32G
  • Control Mode: Bluetooth 4.01BLE
  • Battery: 7.4v 2200 mAh
  • Play Time: >60 min
  • Compatible Systems: Windows /  iOS / Android
  • Software Programming: Achieving the analogue simulation based on 3D visual PC software
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Product: Robotics - Alpha 1S Robot
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