Title - Labdisc GlobiLab Software for High Schools
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GlobiLab for middle to high school science students incorporates sophisticated data analysis, lab reporting tools, plus wireless communication for full setup and control of the Labdisc and built-in sensors. GlobiLab software also integrates GPS data logging, plotting your real data over a Google map!

Enabling students to measure their world, analyze real-time data samples and develop a skilled scientific response.

Middle and high school students benefit from GlobiLab’s pioneering platform for experimentation, data analysis and lab reporting. What’s more, wireless communication with the Labdisc hardware allows setup via the software and full control over the data logger and built-in sensors.

Advanced functions and graphical tools

Include crop, markers, zoom and graph annotation. In addition, sophisticated data analysis functions enable users to perform derivative and regression functions, as well as view comprehensive statistics.

Graphical displays

Clearly present real-time experiment data, helping students connect science concepts with the world around them.

Multiple vivid meter displays

Updated five times every second and including:
  • Analog gauge
  • Digital bar
  • Thermometer
  • Digital value
  • Color change

Google Maps with Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Merging latest sensor, Internet and satellite technologies. The GlobiLab software maps sensor values and plots them as a layer over a Google Map. Leveraging the full Google Maps functionality, such as zoom, panning and the ability to choose a map or a satellite image, this powerful tool, allows data display which indicates the actual location of where measurements took place. Students can map local pollution or weather conditions and compare their data with other schools - opening the door for meaningful collaboration between students all over the world.

How to Order
Product: Labdisc GlobiLab Software for High Schools
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