Title - Labdisc Dataloggers
Transforming science education with a compact multi-disciplinary laboratory. A single Labdisc data logger replaces more than 20 traditional pieces of science equipment and can turn any school classroom into a hands-on science laboratory. With up to 12 wireless sensors built into a single compact device, it revolutionises science in terms of convenience, cost and portability.

The device is very user friendly, with a large display, intuitive operation and very long battery life. A further joy of using a modern data logger like the Labdisc is that its internal microprocessor automatically calibrates and tests all the built-in sensors, allowing educators to focus on teaching, rather than the equipment.

Data can be quickly transferred to your computer, or even your iPad, and with the accompanying software, teachers and students can create meaningful graphical representations that can be used for further analysis or assessment.

The Labdisc received the Worlddidac Award 2012 for innovation and pedagogic value and Pullman Academic is proud to exclusively offer the Labdisc data logger to Australia.

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