Title - Labdisc Datalogger Primo

A hand-held wireless laboratory for early and accessible inquiry-based science. The Labdisc Primo’s built-in automatically tested and calibrated sensors make experiments quick and easy to perform. Intuitive large buttons and graphical LCD make using the technology less intimidating and build the foundations for long term science success.

Built-in Sensors Include:
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Distance (motion)
  • External Temperature
  • GPS
  • Heart Rate
  • Light
  • Microphone (sound level)
Labdisc Primo Sensors

Typical Activities Include:
  • Temperature around us
  • Day and night temperature
  • Microclimate
  • Distance speed and time
  • Heart rate before and after exercise
Labdisc Datalogger – Primo
Labdisc Datalogger – Primo
How to Order
Product: Labdisc Datalogger Primo
Please call Pullman Academic on +61 3 9557 7993 or email info@pullmanacademic.com.au if you would like to order the Labdisc Datalogger Primo or to discuss any of Pullman Academic's products.