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Our comprehensive Electro Technology teaching resources make use of the latest computer-based training systems, incorporating e-learning materials and simulated resources to provide practical, in-depth and hands-on courses with a range of activities and assessments.

The teaching equipment and resources are particularly useful tools for Trade Training Centre environments and Schools offering skills based training, such as those offering pathways through the Vocational Education and Training in Schools (VETiS) Program.

It is important for students in such programs, who are being exposed to new career pathways and opportunities, to be engaged and excited to participate in their learning environment. When this occurs there are many benefits to the teacher and students but critically, it significantly increases the likelihood of student course completion, both now and in the future.

Today's students seek a combination of electronic based learning resources and hands-on practical application to adequately develop their skills and prepare them for future studies and industry demands. Similarly, teachers require access to easy-to-use, modern resources and tools that save time and enhance training delivery methods.

The products below are designed to produce clear and better learning outcomes for teachers and students.

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Electro Technology Resources:
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