NEW – Now your students can learn with their head in the Clouds!
Teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) topics and specific vocational skills, in a way that engages students, can sometimes be a challenge for Schools, Trade Skills Centres and other educational institutions, as a whole. Today's students learn differently and traditional teaching methods alone are proving less effective in maintaining student attention and developing knowledge retention. Yet the value of having adequate numbers of students not only taking an interest, but being inspired by STEM subjects, cannot be understated in terms of its future contribution to the innovation and growth of this country.

We believe that providing students with modern learning resources and technologies can make all the difference to their classroom engagement and their entire education. It is why Pullman Academic is proud to bring to Australiaand New Zealand two new Cloud-based learning platforms, namely the:
(Click on the Orange or Blue PDF Clouds at the above links to find out even more about the learning material and the optional supporting hardware for hands-on learning for even more engagement.)

Each of the Clouds provide engaging content and are designed to:
  • Develop Literacy & Numeracy Skills
  • Improve Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Capabilities
  • Encourage Critical & Creative Thinking Processes
  • Provide for Personal & Social Learning Environments
Each learning cloud contains a wealth oftheory presentations, animations, simulations, practical class activities, quizzes and more. Each cloud can be used as learning resource by itself, or can be combined with hardware for practical activities for more hands-on learning. The broad topic lists can be found at the links above, but feel free to call us for more detailed information.

Importantly, as the system is cloud based, your whole school can access the system anywhere and anytime they have access to the internet. This means that students can use their login anytime to delve into topics that fascinate and inspire them, even when not in the classroom!

The Clouds are easy to use. In fact they are developed with a 2 minute rule in mind – that is, once a user has logged in, the intuitive menu should allow use of the software within that magical 2 minutes.

The content has been developed by LJ Create, a world-leading developer of blended-learning teaching resources used by schools, colleges, universities and industrial training organisations around the world. The Clouds have been developed by experienced educationalists who are committed to producing high quality teaching material, supported by educational software developers, engineers, artists, graphics designers and animators.